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Welcome to the Village of Decatur's official website.  We hope that you find this website helpful if you are a resident, visitor, and/or if you own or operate a business in the Village.  This website provides information on economic development opportunities in the Village including commercial buildings for rent or purchase and open losts for sale which are zoned for business.

To pay your Water/Sewer Bill online click the button on the left that says "Online Water Payments".

The Village offers many recreational activities including a beach, tennis, volleyball, skateboarding and swimming.  Shopping is available in our Downtown areas, and our Civic Organizations serve our community well.

Click the tabs at the top of the page to see expanded information on each of these areas of activity in Decatur and more.  Should you wish to contact us directly for further information, call, write or email us at the address above.


Old High School Building Town Hall Meeting Survey
Your Name
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What would you suggest the Village do with the old High School?
If the building were to be re-purposed, what would you suggest?
If demolished, is there anything inside you would be willing to buy?
Who do you feel is responsible for the cost?
How do you expect for them to pay for the expenses?
Do you feel the community is in agreement with you?
Is there anything else that you feel the Village of Decatur should consider pertaining to this building?
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