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The Decatur Village Council was created to provide quality public services at the lowest possible tax rate to promote health, comfort, safety and convenience to its citizens and the community. Comprised of six Council Members and the Village President, Village residents elect council members for four-year terms. The Village Council also appoints a Village Manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of the Village. If you are interested in being a Council Member, the application can be found here
Orientation Packet- Here

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Meetings are held the first Monday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers at the Village Hall. If the first Monday falls on a Holiday, the meeting will be on Tuesday. The 2023 Meeting Schedule can be found here

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Ali Elwaer - [email protected]

The President shall be president of the Council and preside at the meetings of the Council.
President Elwaer had previously served 12 years on the Village Council as a Trustee and President Pro-Tem.  Ali has lived in the Village of Decatur since 1990.  He works at Cook Nuclear Plant in the Chemistry Department.  Ali earned his Bachelors of Science Degree in Chemistry from Western Michigan University.  Ali is married to his wife Diane of 39 years, and they are the proud parents of their son Jamil.  Ali has previously served on the Village of Decatur’s Planning Commission, and Decatur Public School Board.  When free, Ali enjoys jogging with his dog, Takoda around Decatur.  Ali was elected in 2020.  What is your vision for the Village of Decatur? – “I would like for the Village of Decatur to be a place that people choose to live and work.  I would also like for the Village of Decatur to be a place that all of the employees feel like they are part of a team and are appreciated.” Why are you on the Village Council? – “The Village of Decatur is a wonderful community.  By being on the Village Council I want to make sure that the Village of Decatur provides the best public services that we can for the community.”

Charlene Jackson - [email protected]

Charlene has lived in Decatur for her entire life along with her husband who is another Decatur native.  She has two daughters and two grandchildren that she adores.  Charlene has worked for PNC Bank for over 30 years where she is using her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration which she retained from the University of Phoenix.  When time allows; Charlene volunteers for fundraisers across Decatur which benefits the Decatur-Hamilton Fire Department, Decatur Public Schools or Active Service Members.  Charlene was appointed in 2016.  What is your vision for the Village of Decatur? “My vision for Decatur’s future is one where the community works together to make Decatur an attractive place to live, work and play.”  Why are you on the Village Council? - "I am on the Village Council because I want to make a difference.  I want to work together with others to make my vision a reality.

TRUSTEEKim-Gunther-225x224Kim Gunther - [email protected]
Kim is a graduate of Decatur High School and the Van Buren Vo-Tech Center, since then she has worked in County Government.  Kim is currently employed by Kalamazoo County as the Administrative Assistant for the Office of Finance (Purchasing) and Buildings and Grounds Department.  Kim has lived within the Decatur Village limits since 1980.  Kim’s parents, son and granddaughter, all live here in Decatur as well.  When Kim is not enjoying her family and friends, or working, she can be found supporting the Decatur VFW Post 6248 where she is an Auxiliary member.  Kim feels Decatur is her hometown and she would never live anywhere else! Kim was elected in 2016. What is your vision for the Village of Decatur? – “I hope that we can maintain and improve upon things that we already have such as what we have recently done with the improvements at Red Woolfe Park.”  Why are you on the Village Council? – “I hope to make decisions that are for the good of the residents of the Village.  I also want all of our residents, and those that have interests within the Village, to be treated in a fair and equal manner.”

TRUSTEEJESSICA-PELFREY-225x225Jessica Pelfrey - [email protected]
After graduating high school from Marcellus, I attended Central Michigan University where I met my husband and earned a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. After our college graduation, my husband and I got married and bought our first home in Decatur, almost 13 years ago. Since then, I have helped my mother run a family business and was the Assistant Manager at Southwestern Michigan College’s bookstore. But now I spend most of my time with the two small humans to whom I gave life. In my spare time I enjoy photography, crafting and volunteering with animals. My mother now also resides within the Village, to be closer to the previously mentioned small humans she calls grandchildren.  Jessica was elected in 2020. What is your vision for the Village of Decatur? – "I would like Decatur to be a place the residents are proud to live, people from surrounding communities would like to visit and where businesses thrive. I would like every resident to feel that they have a voice of equal importance. " Why are you on the Village Council? –"I chose to run for Village Council because I wanted to set a good example for my children to stand up for yourself and what is right and while doing so to help those around you. I think Decatur has a lot of potential for work and recreation and I think we can achieve that the more we come together as a community."

Bob-Mead-225x225Robert Mead Jr. - [email protected]

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Harvey Beute - [email protected]
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Cindy Pachner - [email protected]
My name is Cynthia (Cindy) Pachner, I am 66 years old. MY husband and I moved to Decatur 32 years ago. We have a large blended family, 9 children, 27 grand children, and 12 great-grand children. What is your vision for the village of Decatur? My vision for the Village is to be a place where people grow up and stay. If we don't keep our young people the village will die. Why are you on the Village Council? I ran and was on the Village Council 2016-2020, I then ran again in 2022 and I am back on the council, and also on the Planning & Zoning board. I ran both times to have people have someone listen to their concerns and try to find an answer for them. I always return every phone call.